Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old Peshawar

The original image is from the 1897 Frontier wars

The Fort, Peshawar 1910

The Edwardes Gate, Peshawar City[1].1910

The Copper-smith's Bazaar, Peshawar City[1].1910

Peshawar City 1910

Native Street Scene N[1].W. India 1910

Mahajrins going to Kabul 1920

Kabli Gate[1]. Peshawar city 1910

Islamia College, in the way of Jamrud 1913

General View of Peshawar City Inside 1910

Jamrud Fort Peshawar 1910

General View of Peshawar City[1].1920

Birdseye View of Peshawar City 1903

City Bazar of Peshawar[1]. 1930

Bazaar, Peshawar City 1910

A Mhamadan [Mohammadan] Mullah, 1930